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Plant Name:

American Witchhazel

Scientific Name:

Hamamelis virginiana


American Witchhazel is a deciduous shrub with spidery yellow flowers and distinctive seed capsules.


Woodlands, forests, wetland edges


Provides habitat and food for a variety of wildlife species, including birds, butterflies, and bees. The plant's seeds are dispersed by explosive capsule ejection.

Growing Conditions:

Prefers moist, well-drained soil in partial shade.


American Witchhazel has been used in traditional medicine for its astringent properties. It is also cultivated as an ornamental plant.

(please exercise caution and consult additional sources or experts before consuming any vegetation):


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Fun Facts:

American Witchhazel blooms in late fall and early winter, making it one of the few plants to flower during that time. It gets its name from the practice of using the flexible branches as "witching sticks" for divining water sources.

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