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Plant Name:

Eastern White Pine

Scientific Name:

Pinus strobus


Eastern White Pine is a tall evergreen tree with soft, bluish-green needles and cylindrical cones. It has a straight trunk and a pyramidal crown.


Forests, woodlands


Eastern White Pine provides habitat and nesting sites for various bird species, including the bald eagle. The tree's seeds are consumed by birds and small mammals.

Growing Conditions:

Eastern White Pine prefers well-drained soils and full sun


Eastern White Pine is often used in reforestation efforts, as a timber tree, and for its ornamental value.

(please exercise caution and consult additional sources or experts before consuming any vegetation):

Seeds (pine nuts) can be eaten raw or used in cooking

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Fun Facts:

Eastern White Pine is one of the tallest trees in eastern North America and can live for several hundred years. The tree has been historically used by Native American tribes for various purposes, including making canoes and as a source of food and medicine.

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