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Plant Name:

Loblolly Pine

Scientific Name:

Pinus taeda


Loblolly Pine is a native evergreen coniferous tree with long, slender needles and cylindrical cones. It is one of the most common and commercially important pine species in the southeastern United States.


Bottomlands, floodplains, upland forests


Loblolly Pine provides habitat and food for a variety of wildlife species, including birds and small mammals. It is an important timber tree and supports the forestry industry.

Growing Conditions:

Loblolly Pine thrives in well-drained soils and full sun.


Loblolly Pine is extensively planted for timber production and reforestation efforts. It is also used in landscaping for its fast growth and adaptability.

(please exercise caution and consult additional sources or experts before consuming any vegetation):


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Fun Facts:

Loblolly Pine is named for its resinous sap, which was traditionally used for making pitch and tar. It is the state tree of Arkansas.

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